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With the three episodes so far this season it is rapidly climbing to the top of my best Trek series list.

Episodes that are reminiscent of TOS but with the gravitas and gut punches of the best of TNG. Spock however (as in season 1) is displaying more of his human side than he did in TOS… but for me that isn’t necessarily a bad thing?

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If I may nerd out here for a moment :disguised_face:: The original series pilot was an episode called ‘The Cage’, in it Spock is a younger man with Cpt Pike as the lead - it was set about 11 years before Kirk became captain. In it he is more emotional (laughing etc) where his human side is more dominant. The show at the time didn’t get picked up but another pilot was done later called ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ with Shatner and did get made. In that Spock was more alien and emotionless. Later in that series the episode ‘The Menagerie’ used clips from the ‘The Cage’ pilot to explain what happened to Captain Pike on Talos, but they sort of leave out the laughing Spock bits.

So in a way, they are sort of using the canon (if we consider The Cage canon as a pre-pilot) and making Spock less serious and a bit more human.

Spoiler if you didn’t see this weeks episode yet →

Last weeks episode was really interesting (nerd turbo mode now engaged) in that it explained why TOS, NG and Discovery all had different dates for the start of the Eugenics Wars (TOS had them happening in 1996 etc) - as it looks like the Temporal Agencies just said ‘Close enough’ and let it ride, so what we saw in Strange New Worlds of Romulan intervention in the timeline explains nicely why the date kept on shifting. A nice touch.

One thing that is all a bit up in the air and I’d need a whiteboard is how the Klingons looked like they did in Discovery but now in SNW not so much, especially if you consider TOS plus Deep Space Nine’s Tribble cross-over. I think they basically just gave up on that and I can’t blame them.

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You may :wink:

And as it has been so many years since I have seen the cage (you young whippersnapper) I will defer to your nerdiness but kinda remember it was the aliens (telepaths) causing Spock’s outbursts of emotion?.. But I could just as easily be mis-remembering another episode?.. memory is a fickle thing when you get to my age :stuck_out_tongue:

I have, but did not realise that - I would say that is turbo mode + NOS when it comes to nerd-dom :thinking:

I hear ya, but after the re-boot movie Klingons, I’ll take this…

Sooooo… yeh. This happened.


Initially, I almost skipped the episode (I have PTSD from watching High School Musical with my daughter :rofl:) but I hung in there and it was worth it. When the Klingons joined in on the grand finale it had me on the floor. :grin: Best musical ever! :+1: