Star Wars Battlefront 2

That sucks. My download was like 15 minutes.

I love gigabit.

Game is good. Bit of stutters on my 1080. As mentioned elsewhere had to turn dx12 off. Caused crashing.

Only done career missions so far.

I only have one problem, loading times are unbearable.
And another, when you die it often crashes. (for me)

@BeachAV8R, you just need it downloaded once.

You start the installer on another machine/Epic store/Origin account and then you copy the folder on one of the kid’s PC’s.

Once you restart the download it might discover the game and just download a few specific files and be done.


Ya the initial load each session is pretty brutal. Not sure how mp is but it feels like when you load up the campaign it loads like 90% of it all at once so it takes forever. There’s no menu between missions it just has cutscenes then next one starts.

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Happy to play some tonight with folks. Haven’t finished campaign and haven’t touched mp, so basically new experience. Co-op or mp fine with me.

What time? Mudspike TS?

Also, for those playing MP, I would suggest using 3rd person view. You’re likely to get worked if you use 1st person. Especially by veterans. You can see around corners and stuff using 3rd person and that’s a competitive advantage, obviously.

When rocket League tourney is done. Given the teammates I’ve had all week. 915pm.

also the more the merrier. I know more than just Saghen picked this up :stuck_out_tongue:
4 player co-mode. Strike team mudspike!

I’m already practicing! …

star wars kid GIF

good come play coop shjortly

We’ll be on for sw shortly. Made the finals playing together for rl

We’re up on the Mudspike Discord for anybody interested.


Tempusmurphy and I played this afternoon and had a couple of issues. We had difficulty forming groups. The invites didn’t go up, or if they did, they couldn’t activate. If you receive an invite and there are accept or decline boxes, it didn’t work. If the invites arrived with Y or N in the boxes, it worked. Apparently this was an old issue that didn’t get fixed.

Also when we formed a group, it activated ea/origin in game chat and there was no apparent way to disable your own. Your other friends would need to mute you. (We were playing on Discord and there was a double voice)

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some good fun there, a incredibly nice looking and fun game to play … if you can get around some of the design choices made by EA

I’ll be around again tonight. 830ish est for a few hours.

@tempusmurphy @Prof @Elby @saghen

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Ugh! I was sidelined from sitting at my computer for any length of time last weekend! Did you guys have any luck getting a game going?

Like @tempusmurphy said, I also find SWB2 to be a really fun and interesting shooter!

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I have been playing the single player and I’m pleasantly surprised. Its nothing ground breaking but its a seriously fun romp. Me and my boy nearly burst when we got to be the Gunner in an AT-AT. I am really enjoying it so far in the hour or so I’ve spent in it.


Do you have any defensive tactics against the lightsabre characters like Darth Maul? I find those guys pretty aggressive and deadly.

I’m not that far in yet mate. Sorry can’t be more help at the moment. Once the kids have gone to bed I will have a crack at it again

run … :grinning:

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