Star Wars Battlefront 2

Yesterday a new trailer was uploaded as well as actual Gameplay footage from a multiplayer session. The first Battlefront from EA didn’t hold my breath that long except the amazing Star Wars atmosphere I could notice in those battles.

By watching the gameplay footage the atmosphere gets me another time and it really draws my attention to get it once it is going to be released in November.

It is going to be a Battlefront accross all three Star Wars era’s. And I think a singleplayer campaign was showcased in the first trailer as well.

So what are your thoughts about this?

IMO, they dropped the ball with the first one, but looking to redeem themselves… I kinda like the idea of the SP campaign from the view of the dark side, bad guys shall we say… but as with all games today, almost all, can do without the paying extras for skins, skills, etc etc… wish that trend would stop. Still undecided on it, but watching.

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Certainly looks pretty. I assume I’d need a graphics card upgrade though.

Still waiting on the X-Wing and TIE Fighter remakes. Don’t really care for EA or Origin, but I might make an exception if they bring back those two games.


In VR would be nice as well. I think whoever comes out with a VR Star Wars sim would see it a huge success. To be able to fly the craft of the series, maybe even some land vehicles as well. I would be all over it. I wanna be a Rebel pilot or an Imperial pilot. Attack, Defend missions.

Be freakin amazing.


I guess I should done more research prior to posting…lol


I thought that too at the first time watching it. But then I remembered that it worked quite well with the previous Battlefront.

To be honest- and from hating the previous one- this looks soul crushing awesome.
Like- really, really, REALLY good. Also No DLC, season pass and/or whatever! Yay!

This might be the one Star Wars MP game that I buy after a LOOOOONG time after the old Battlefront…

Off-Topic: What happened to that amazingly looking ARMA 3-Star Wars mod?!

They got shut down by Disney I believe.

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WTF!? :persevere::triumph::anguished::weary::tired_face:

I wanted to buy the first one but skipped it after all the bad word of mouth.

I played a lot of the first two on PC and even played one of the ones that was released on PSP almost 10 years ago, and I really want this one to be good.

I just hope you can play vs bots in MP so I can play with 2 or 3 friends and still have a full field to fight against.

The Mouse is even more controlling than LucasArts was in that regard.

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Thought the first one was beatiful with sound and visuals but lacked substance. Ultimately I never put many hours into it.

It certainly seems like they’ve learned from the previous mistakes and I’m excited for this iteration.

Yea it was no surprise really. Im interested to see how the X-wing remaster ends up.

It seems we can expect much more content with this one. Now I wonder what kind of maps we are going to see from all these three era’s. So far I heard that we could see a Kashyyyk (had to google that name again…) map.

Personally I think I would like a battle inside the Starkiller base. Something similar to the area where Solo died. But we wouldn’t be able to use any vehicles if it was just inside the base.

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Didn’t the last one have levels inside the Death Star? Pretty much the same thing design wise.

A little victory or another calm before the storm?

Micro transactions are generally bad unless they’re cosmetic or don’t unbalance gameplay. Most people who try the latter fail.


EA killed another game. What’s new?


Hardly killed, just… a fleshwould.


‘Somehow this topic has returned’.

Seriously though, such a spectacle of a game. Ground battles with the baked in lighting look amazing, and the space battles are great too. Go get it!

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