Star Wars BF 3 Gameplay

Beta release date Oct 8th.

I have a kid that is keen for this one, but my enthusiasm has waned as the Battlefront version numbers have got higher over the years. I was pretty much done with 3.

Still, looks nice.

Beta release: in the middle of a move. :cry:

Actually, given how the betas and intial release of BF4 went, maybe it’s better I sit this one out and let them patch it up a bit.

I’m in, just waiting for it to drop!

Did you sign up somewhere or was it just assigned in Origin?

Pre-order gets you in as far as I understand it.

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Mine is pre-loading as we speak.

Nice - be a jedi! :smile:


I’m conflicted on this one. I’m a huge Star Wars geek, but I’m not a twitch FPS player.

If I can avoid 3 year old aggro tonight and get some good beta time in and have time to I will try and write up a short AAR

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Wow - that does look very nice!

EDIT: I signed into Origin and it looks like everyone gets a free Beta to try out. @EinsteinEP it might be worth a (free) look, it’s a 10GB download and by looks alone it’s gorgeous.

So two things I’ve learnt playing it:

(1) Like other battlefield games, it’s shoot/die/shoot/die a fair bit on the free-for-all beta goat party.

(2) My son got back from school and I’ll need some sort of industrial crane to try to prise him off of the PC. We might be in the hole for some serious Xmas PC upgrades now. Gulp.

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Feel free to add me if you like on Origin, its SiThSp4wN


Will do. He’s on hour four on my PC so far and I don’t think he has blinked yet (he has a laptop but it doesn’t look as nice as the gaming PC I have in my office, so I’m homeless now). We’re considering some sort of hydraulic ram jack to try to force him off to do homework now. Maybe a rope hooked up to the truck…

The visuals/audio are magnificent. If you do get the time, an AAR would be very cool - it really is a title begging for screenshots.