Star Wars is ON at the BeachAV8R house!

My son and his cousin don’t know it yet…but we are gonna have a Star Wars party in a couple weeks! Just ordered the six disc box set…

And ordered all our costumes…

Kai and his cousin (I might have to dress Kai as the pod racer Anakin too when we watch (suffer) through EP1

My wife…(I know, I know…slave girl costume…slave girl costume…)

And of course me…

And we are all getting blasters! Me and my wife:

And the two Stormtroopers…

I think I’m gonna paint all the blasters black. And I really should get Leia her actual blaster from the movie…but we are going for economy over realism…LOL…

Some sort of Star Wars cake, some lightsaber glow sticks…and then we sit back and I have to wait three movies to watch my sons face when Vader utters those immortal words…“Luke…”

I can’t freakin’ wait… LOL…

Alright. Nerd mode off.



Beach, you have officially earned the “Dad of the Year” award. Please be sure to share a few pics or one of your After Action Reports after the party.


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Haha…sure thing. I’ll post a video of my sons reaction to the great Vader reveal…


LOL…how did I know you’d be the X-Wing pilot!

Be honest @BeachAV8R, is this the world’s most complicated way to innocently hit ‘buy’ on that Leia costume? :smile:

Are you 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3 'ing the movie order?

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I think you gotta do 4,5,6,1,2,3… its the natural order, that’s how my step daughter is watching them in prep for opening night of 7 :smile:

I think I’m going to do the 4-5-6-1-2-3 order… I’ve been doing a LOT of research and it is amazing how many opinions are on this. Pretty much universal opinion that you have to go 4-5 first…but then there are some modes of thought that say you go 2-3-6 after that (to end on a high note) (and some say you should skip 1 all together because it adds nothing!) LOL.since Kai is just about six years old…1 will probably be fine with him…heck, he’ll probably like Jar Jar…

I think so. I might still slip the slave Leia costume into the mix at some point…LOL…maybe after the boys go to bed…can’t wear it during the movie…

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WAIT. Darth Vader is Luke’s Father…WHHHAAAAATTT? Ruined it for me.


Have fun Beach, nothing cooler than the handing down of the geek from Father to son.

Just practice your answer for the “So Dad, wait, he kissed his sister in the first movie…?” question before it comes up.

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Wait… Beach, tell me you are not dressing up as Luke, but some random X-wing pilot, or else that Leia costume becomes disturbing :smiley:

Actually…I think I might wear the Leia costume and let my wife wear a Chewbacca one. How’s that for disturbing?

Definitely going in the wrong direction… :scream:

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