Star Wars LVXIII Tickets

Can’t believe I got talked into getting them already, but places are filling up.

The trailer did look good…

Not expecting the world this time around, and it will be at the very least be a nice solid sci-fi yarn for sure.

I’m really torn on this one.

First, I’m one of those original triology zealots - I don’t like the “new” star wars at all. Oh, there are parts of it I enjoy (Darth Maul/Obi’s lightsaber duel with Duel of the Fates in the background is the best fight scene EVAR), but overall, the movies felt hacked and lacked whatever it was that I still really look forward to experiencing in the original Han-Shot-First movies.

So now I can’t help but worry that this new series is going to be something else that’s also not Star Wars. Using the cast, vehicles, and concepts from the original vehicle doesn’t ensure the same quality story - in fact, it raises my concern that the movie makers are desperately trying to draw in fans using whatever tricks and connections they can Force (heh heh). The thought of braving massive crowds of people around the theater, idiots on their cell phones during, or yelling/screaming/laughing over important parts of the movie brings me pangs of doubt as well. (Man, I sound old…)

BUT, I’m also a die-hard Star Wars nerd. I want to see what happens next in the story (now that the official extended universe is no longer official). I want to hear that 20th century fox fanfare on a ridiculously oversized sound system that then fades to silence as the words “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” pops up on a black screen (goosebumps on my neck as I write this). I want to share the experience with my 6-yr old son, who enjoys the Star Wars movies almost as much as I do.

I’ll probably take the kid to go see it early next year when the hype and crowds have died down a little.

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One of my kids went through the whole ‘Clone Wars’ (and now the Star Wars Rebels series) cartoon stuff like crazy (watched all the seasons on repeat for what seemed like forever), so in some ways the lack of ‘classic’ vibe that the Lucas Ep 1,2,3 Preview ones gave off faded pretty quickly.

I too don’t really like cinemas (especially $100 for four people cinemas seats like we booked) but I put it down to (a) it’s inevitable I will see this movie anyway and (b) the trailer and the lack of spoilers means that the new trilogy probably has some plot surprises/hooks that I won’t be able to hide from until the crowds die down properly anyway. The lack of Luke in the trailer, the new set of characters, JJ Abrams being at least competent etc, means there is an ok chance it will be fine.

Plus like you said, one of my kids really wants to see it badly and I’m a sucker for that, and despite the maddening crowds, he’ll get to see the big yellow letters roll up on a big screen just like I did as a kid.

Great points here, Frog. I loved the Clone Wars (well, most of it :wink: ). I really enjoyed the cell animated series that came out before the “Clone Wars” cartoon. I was hoping to see more of the Grievous story in Eps 1-3, which probably fueled some of my disappointment.

What date are you going?

Lunch Saturday December 19th - The Thursday night was sold out already (kinda scared me that happened so quick) and I couldn’t do Friday evening. It’s nice because they finish school that week, so general merriment and something to look forward too pre Xmas :christmas_tree:

That cell animated Clone Wars was great, especially Mace Windu - such a bad ass… :bangbang:

The later pure CGI wasn’t really my thing but the kid loved it despite it’s unevenness. It was nice to at least get some longer story arcs and narrative progression over the films earlier Episode 2 - Whine Kid and Episode 3 - Full On Psycho Kid jump.

Wont go to it in theaters. I really hate being around people for some reason. But will by it on blu-ray. I love star wars and everything star wars.

You’re in the right place here! :smile:

I do know what you mean though. I’m the guy that’ll mid-movie climb over the three seats in front of me to go tell someone to please turn off their bright phone screen. My wife basically dies a little inside each time I do it though, so it’s never fun.

I’m also not crazy about the 3D, in that we recently saw The Martian and while it was nice to get the big ‘kinda IMAX’ size of those landscapes, it is starting to feel like a ‘how can we add $4 to a ticket?’ deal.

Plus of course, in a cinema they’ll be the person munching chips a row down that will loudly repeat the joke they just heard on the screen, like we all missed it or something.

Hmm. I could have spent that $100 on the bluray! :dollar:

plus the asinine prices on food and drinks.

Bought tickets for the same day and prolly the same time (1:00pm MST)?

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I haven’t yet sat down with Kai to watch the original Star Wars trilogy. He’s 5 right now…and I’m not positive what age it will be OK at. I mean, he’s already shooting things with stick guns and stuff…but I can’t recall offhand how much violence was in the original series. Well, I mean, I can remember some scenes…but it didn’t strike me as particularly gory I suppose. So maybe next year when he’s six (maybe). He’s been playing some Star Wars branded stuff like Lego Star Wars on the iPad and Angry Birds Star Wars - but I’m not sure if he is aware of the whole backstory. I’m really, really, really, hoping that he doesn’t yet know that “No…I am your father…” I mean…how cool will it be to see that reveal once again through the eyes of a kid!! Maybe then he’ll finally get why I occasionally say “Kai Lucas…I am your father…” LOL…(Lucas is his middle name)…

Anywho - super excited for any big-budget movie like Star Wars.

Theoretical question - for someone who hasn’t seen ANY of the movies. Can they be watched in their Star Wars world chronological order? I mean…will the prequels spoil the Darth Vader reveal (I can’t remember?). Or should I have Kai watch them in the order they were filmed? I might need a flow chart.

I can’t wait til’ he is old enough to watch the Lord of the Rings series too…


The prequels will ruin the Darth Vader reveal. I would start with IV, V and VI. The prequels are fine but they add very little to the original trilogy as far as plot is concerned.


After the recent theater shootings, our local theater (in Redneckville) has started searching bags. Of course, we smuggle food, candy, wine, pretty much everything into the theater in my wife’s purse. So she came up with the brilliantly awesome technique of filling the top of her purse with tampons, so when they open it…that is what they are confronted with. LOL…you’ve never seen a teenage boy give a bag back quicker…LOL Mom smarts FTW!



At age 6 mine was ‘would watch New Hope behind couch’ and once he knew the general gist then really got into it, as in repeat viewings until we had to ration it. Each kid is different but a stupidly loud movie theatre (as they are now) would have got to him (i.e. torture robot with needles thing, stuff like that) on a first time showing.

I’m worried Kai will cry when the Tauntaun dies - he’s very sensitive to animals in peril…LOL…

As I thresh out this idea though…I think we can make it a family viewing event at home…we can all dress up…



I’ve been debating this now, my step-daughter is going to see Ep7 with me when it opens, so she wants to get caught up on all of them, I am thinking that it would be cool to watch them in the same order I saw them in starting with A New Hope, so many things about Empire might lose their impact seeing the prequels first. On the other hand, it would be interesting to think about how the movies would have played out for someone if they had released with Ep 1 first and watched in order… the Luke/Leia thinkg might have come across a little different :smile:

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I have not watched the trailer yet as I don’t need to be convinced to go and I want to keep my expectations on an even keel. I will be going to see this but I’m also not going to pre-order tickets.

I am glad that they are making them and I have some level of trust in JJ Abrams not to screw it up (I found his Star Trek work intelligent and well done for what it is - not perfect, but then again as an SF geek myself, that might have been an impossible goal from the start). I am looking forward to them … but any decently done SciFi is going to draw me in :smile:

(insert Simpson’s Comic Book Guy animated gif here)

how cool will it be to see that reveal once again through the eyes of a kid

Manage those expectations :smile:


There you go :wink:

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“DAAAAAD! Just…ewwww!”

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