Star Wars Obi Wan - WITH SPOILERS

So- I need to talk about this.
I really really loved it, but the first minutes were a punch in the gut.

The soldiers attacking the Jedi temple and the teachers and kids…

Beside that- I can feel the pain in Obi Wan, the hate in the Inquisitors… this show is absolutely great.


Yeap I liked it as well. The sets were perhaps not to the level of mandalorian, but some of the writing is top notch. Especially little Leia. I love that character.


Yeah, I’m just very, very, VERY thankful it wasn’t longer, and played out like it did -especially after the week we’ve had here.

I’m so glad to see little Leia, and I LOVE how they’ve written her. I’m getting ideas for Halloween group costumes for this year for the family…


I watched the first two episodes with my daughter, who exclaimed ”she’s got a big mouth!” When Leia replies ”more like my grandfather” to Kenobis idea that they would pretend to be father and daughter…
I had to remind her (daughter) about her comments about me turning 50 this summer… :wink:

Anyway, great series - so far…


You might need to show her the episode of Rebels she was in, as a reminder - in my opinion there was a clear line of development there.

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Speaking of the EU…

If this is true, it’s effing HUGE news.

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This last episode was gut wrenching again…
I’m impressed

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Holy crap, what a great way to end this season! Definitely understand Owen and Beru, and like them, a lot better now. So looking forward to the next season!

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Yep Good final episode!

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Agree a great finale.

Bittersweet aftertaste- but bides well for the future… has anyone confirmed a second season?

Last episode of obiwan was pretty good. They make all these damn series too short though.

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waited til the last 3 minutes to have Obi say his famous line… B…S…

now I gotta hit the StarWars Encyclopedia and find out what happened to Reeva.

Just watched the last one. Haydon underneath the Vader mask and the voice cutting in and out gave me chills.
Loved the series.
Wasnt enamoured with the look of the grand inquisitor, but the actor more than made up for it.

Qui gon :heart:

Hello there :heart::sob::sob::heart:


The Ironic Part,
Hayden came back to re-portray the character that drove him away from acting for a while…

It was the fans. Not the character.


and the same fans that were overly critical were ecstatic that he came back, lmao.

Fans: it’s over Hayden we have the high ground
Hayden: you under estimate my power…

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