Star Wars Rebellion

The nostalgia is strong with this one. After the 1998 release, it appears on Steam…

EDIT: Really good deal for this here:

…but if that is over then…

You can get it from the hundle bundle right now for $1

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Cool, thanks - good to see Star Wars Lego in the upper bundle too. That’s a nice solid comedy lego game, and it hardly ever goes on sale.

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For what it is, I have enjoyed nearly all of the lego games I have got my hands on. Im not exactly sure why I like them.

Does it work in Windows 7/ 10? I picked it up again in the GoG Star Wars-palooza last year- once upon a time, I used to play a lot of this against my friends back in high school. It’s been fun relearning, and there’s a huge database of extra characters, facilities, etc. And from what I’ve read on GoG, the editors work in Windows 7.

Looks like it, although there are people reporting issues with upside down icons and having to force the window version:

One of the few Star Wars strategy games that I’ve really enjoyed. Definitively needs a HD remake!

I absolutely loved this game, although the quirky interfaces could get annoying. Multiplayer was pretty intense - it was basically an RTS. I have fond memories of using my own fleet of Death Stars to raze entire sectors in my search for the Rebel base and epic space vehicle battles. Ah, good times!

I still have my original boxed game (and Prima guide!), but will look to Steam for this one.

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I JUST found my old Prima guide in the garage as well!

If only somebody could update the interface. It’s so very, very easy to quickly get overwhelmed with all the resource management, building, moving fleets, sending out characters and agents, etc. Talk about becoming a clickfest!


The humble bundle link that @Maclean posted shows it at $1 (as a minimum suggested) and they redeem as Steam games - such a great deal.

Done and done! :smiley: