Star Wars Squadrons... new muscle memory recquired

There I was giddy as a younger version of myself, reminding my piano fingers how to work an A10C HOTAS for the amazing DCS Tank Killer update, when I couldn’t stop hearing about how - not crap - Star Wars Squadrons is. As I’ve recently rekindled my use of TrackIR over VR, purely for beautiful graphics reasons, I was disappointed to find out Squadrons doesn’t have TrackIR. But it does have VR… soooo, I caved and bought it and am so glad that I did.

I’ve played Elite, Sins of a Solar Empire, Star Citizen, etc. but this is the mark for a great space dog fighting game! It has rekindled those X-Wing/Tie-Fighter feelings and added more. I’ve bound so may controls to my Warthog HOTAS that I’m as adept at flying an X-Wing as I am an A10C.

If you take the plunge I highly recommend the story mode first in order to learn the tricks and abilities and reasons to bind controls to your HOTAS. It’s also not a bad little story either. I haven’t started multiplayer yet but apparently the too-and-fro of the main battle multiplayer game is really quite good.

Anyway, thought I’d share my two cents, as I haven’t seen anyone else here raving about it yet.


Totally agree. I flew with a friend today after having owned the game for an hour and got my butt handed to me. For fun I am using my xbox controller. Love it! Such a beautiful, exciting game that harkens back to gaming’s heyday in the 90’s.

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