Star Wars Squadrons... new muscle memory recquired

There I was giddy as a younger version of myself, reminding my piano fingers how to work an A10C HOTAS for the amazing DCS Tank Killer update, when I couldn’t stop hearing about how - not crap - Star Wars Squadrons is. As I’ve recently rekindled my use of TrackIR over VR, purely for beautiful graphics reasons, I was disappointed to find out Squadrons doesn’t have TrackIR. But it does have VR… soooo, I caved and bought it and am so glad that I did.

I’ve played Elite, Sins of a Solar Empire, Star Citizen, etc. but this is the mark for a great space dog fighting game! It has rekindled those X-Wing/Tie-Fighter feelings and added more. I’ve bound so may controls to my Warthog HOTAS that I’m as adept at flying an X-Wing as I am an A10C.

If you take the plunge I highly recommend the story mode first in order to learn the tricks and abilities and reasons to bind controls to your HOTAS. It’s also not a bad little story either. I haven’t started multiplayer yet but apparently the too-and-fro of the main battle multiplayer game is really quite good.

Anyway, thought I’d share my two cents, as I haven’t seen anyone else here raving about it yet.


Totally agree. I flew with a friend today after having owned the game for an hour and got my butt handed to me. For fun I am using my xbox controller. Love it! Such a beautiful, exciting game that harkens back to gaming’s heyday in the 90’s.


Well I bought it the first day it came out and I used VR, I noticed right away something about the stars looked way off… it was awful looking at the backround in MP and since the 2.0 patch has come out I am wondering if they fixed the awful backround I seen in Squadrons the first time…

any screenshots… I tried the Xwing forget but it was probally a training mission or single mission but all I remember is how awful the backround and stars looked…

I looked at a few videos it did look much improved just wondering if 2.0 fixed it and made it look more like the backround in Elite while flying inspace…

I’m hoping to catch it on sale at some point. I’m interested…but not quite full price interested…


Same here.

Looks like Amazon has a Steam code for it for $24 so I’m gonna give it a whirl…


Blew me away in VR with the G2.