Starfield- Gameplay Reveal

Holy crap, I knew I was excited for this one, but I think I may need to start looking at taking out another mortgage for a new GPU or two!


Echoing my thoughts are the words of someone much smarter than me → No man’s Skyrim.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing but there’s a lot of emphasis on the 1000 planets! - all the while this is still Bethesda so… yeah it looks like the coolest trailer ever seen but I am too jaded to take it at face value.

Not sold yet- but I truly hope for the best.


I worry about this. It looks AMAZING.

But will it be 1000 planets wide but only an inch deep. Me and ze wife played The Outer Worlds and i gave up with it very very quickly because it just felt really forced and contrived, that was written by the team that did New Vegas and it still struggled.

I love Bethesda but they really suck at stuff like this.

Wife completed Outer Worlds and she wasnt enamored with it either. It was too much like playing a game and being reminded of it all the time according to her


I hope it’s good, but I just don’t trust Todd Howard.

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I hope this is a good as it promises to be but I’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully it will support VR at some stage.

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