Starfighter, Inc

Some of the team that worked X-Wing, Homefront, and Mechwarrior games are teaming up to make another high-realism space shooter. They’re currently supporting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on reddit at

Their website is

Personally, I’m always skeptical (cynical?) when it comes to kickstarters, so I’m not planning on backing, but am very curious to see what they come up with.

I’m certainly stoked to see a resurgence in space shooters, especially excited about the increased emphasis placed on realism! Now if I can only find time to actually PLAY all these neat games!


Interesting, If its anything like Diaspora: Shattered Armistice but with a dedicated multiplayer, that would be my cup of tea!

I think the site is being hugged to death, but will check it out once reddit dies down.

I guess there is some room in the market for this, but I agree, it’s pretty hard to find the time to put into these games now. I have Star Citizen, Elite and still want to go back and try a few X-Wing and Freespace based active mods too, but struggle to make time for them. Good time to be a space pilot for sure though…

I’ve been following them as well.

My impression is, that they want to position themselves more like a “World of Tanks in space”. The mentioned realism is just there to spice up dogfights. As space is lacking gravity component you need to introduce something to prevent fights ending up in dull turning battles.

Didn’t Gaijin (War Thunder etc) do something in space too? (googles)

Yep - Star Conflict - Star Conflict on Steam

That doesn’t look pretty low fidelity though, and Starfighter looks more interesting for sure.

In case anyone was holding their breath…