Starfighter landing

Well you’re getting it before the Disney bomber, because leatherneck are already working on one.



SAY WHAAAAAT?! Seriously?

Letherneck has F8 in the works and FlyingIron has A7 in the works, good times… but we need appropriate carrier for them :slight_smile:




Don’t you know the A-6 happened when the navy looked at the B-52 and then thought we want a Mickey mouse version of that!

Just look at that cutesy round nose, isn’t that a bambi bomber?


ROFLMAO! Brilliant! I can see it now!

That’s supremely cool! But… wouldn’t the Super carrier module do?

You want the smaller carriers with those, midway class.

it could do, but from what I have heard (Fighter Pilot Podcast on A7) the period specific carriers were much smaller, so the challenge of landing that things was even higher than on the newer bigger carriers

but we are good, leatherneck is working on Essex-class carrier :slight_smile:


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My Danish hangar neighbor—uggggh FORMER neighbor, sadly he now resides in Maine, flew 104s in the Danish Air Force until an injury forced him to a dull post at the UN. After moving to America he started a new career as a corporate pilot and later competed in a Pitts S-2, which he co-owned with Bud Davisson. To him, the Pitts was every bit the challenge the 104 was. The difference is that the Pitts rewards bad flying with hurt pride, maybe a broken nose, and a cracked spar. The 104 just kills you.


And a “jungle map by the sea”; a Phantom; a Mig-17.

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IIRC one of those dangerous quirks is that the maximum gear down speed is, like, 20 knots over the takeoff speed.
So I guess the pilot fiddles around with the gear lever while he should be checking if he even has positive climb.

you see, thats why we need just the F104, no carrier needed :slight_smile:

wondering… we already have some cold war servers in DCS (MiG21, MiG19, MiG15 vs F86, F5) and they are usually empty or half-empty. wondering if Phantom in the mix will make these setups more popular or if it is that “jungle map by the sea” which will generate the audience

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Thats a very good question. Does the environment or the hardware drive the traffic.

some related story told using DCS
DCS World - MiG-19 vs F-104 Starfighter - Vietnam 1965 - YouTube

Yep, rotation speed per the book is somewhere between 175 and 210, and gear up IIRC is 240. An F-104 in full burner will go from 175 to 240 in a few seconds even with tanks and 'winders, let alone clean or just a pair of wing time AIM-9’s.

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For the people who keep saying we need one in the game.



Plenty of paints around in the userfiles section.

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@Andrew116 ,
Thank You for starting this thread. I am a big fan of the Zipper. For the life of me, I can get it to run in the last few months. Seems like the updates broke her. I put it in ME, then try to fly her but i am only on outside view with no control. Is there some fix and can you please put a download link for her here?
Love the video!

I haven’t tried it yet, I just recently rediscovered the mod. I’ll let you know if I have success in the next few days.

Ok man. I miss this mod. Thank You