State of the MiG company

An interesting article popped up on Hoggit concerning the state of the MiG concern, very interesting although I have no methods to verify the accuracy of any claim made. So yeah, keep that in mind:


It’s hard to verify the reasoning behind the results, but it is possible to verify certain parts of what they’ve said.

Algeria did return their MiGs for Sukhois, and MiG has had trouble generating new markets. As far as I know they only real customers they had at the time of that article was the MiG-29K new builds for the Indian Navy, more -29Ks for the V-AMF, and the MiG-35 and SMT sales to the VVS.

Since that article’s publication MiG has apparently managed to nab a 50 aircraft deal with Egypt, I don’t know how far that will go in sustaining the company.

Also the Moscow Times isn’t RT, it’s fairly reputable.

Indeed, we can verify those deals happened. I mean more the maintenance aspects of it all, the lack of support or corruption in the support chain, failures at the QA department. Those kind of things are always hard to verify from the outside, especially it it pertains to the Defence Sector.

Besides, going on what one person says leads you to believing everything Pierre Sprey says :wink:

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We can only hope and pray Pierre is way off the mark when it comes to the F-35. If he isn’t a lot of aircrews will pay for it dearly if push ever comes to shove.


I’ve seen exo-galaxies that are closer to the mark than Pierre Sprey when it comes to a great many things. For the time being I’ll trust all the remarks from the people in the seat giving rave reviews.


Lol Ok uncle when it comes to Pierre, but I have spoken to some that have worked on it’s electronics systems who aren’t quite as enamored. Again as a taxpayer I hope it does end up being able to live up to all the promotional hype. Until its actually tested in combat it’s all smoke and mirrors though.


Nobody that works on aircraft is all that happy. Maintenance and other peripheral tasks usually come second to performance.