Status of Arma 3..?

So I haven’t been keeping up with A3 developments. The last thing I bought for it a while back was the Tanks DLC. Is BI continuing development for A3 with regards to DLC or are they gearing up for some release beyond A3?

I really wish I could find some additional content for the A3 helicopters DLC. I mean, I absolutely loved the Taru (particularly with the Xeno Pod Mod) but haven’t really found any missions or campaigns that feature that kind of stuff. :frowning:

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Last grapevine I heard was they were planning to move forward, possibly leverage the Unreal engine. I don’t think they plan more official content for ArmA3, given the age. BI has had some growing pains regarding 3rd party DLC but I believe they’re planning to leverage that in the future.

The latest seems to be working off of DayZ spinoff Vigor and similar. I don’t think they plan to do any future simulation type entries.

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The Unreal engine for ArmA? That sounds interesting.

Not sure on Unreal, they do have this enfusion game engine which is used in dayz standalone half baked. Given their track record with the RV engine, I guess they will continue with their own engines?

In a recent report they mentioned that one third party DLC is being in the making. There was a meeting at BI last year autumn where there were more contenders for a third party DLC though.

The DayZ engine is just RV with a few changes. The tech is in need of an extreme overhaul and I believe they determined it’d be cheaper to go to Unreal rather than try to modernize RV. Once again, that’s rumors and rumblings, so could be true, could be false. ArmA3 is probably the best optimized iteration so far, but it took them til '17 to get there.

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Um…so there is something beyond Operation Flashpoint: Resistance…I really need to catch up.

Sure! You missed a lot:


Forgive my ignorance @franze but is the RV engine the TOH engine?
I heard the standalone dayz used the TOH engine and bohemia wouldn’t release the arma 3 engine for that title. Is that correct or have I got those facts wrong? I spent a lot of time in standalone before I got A3 and have always thought A3 to be the better looking and more stable game. But I am keen to know the difference

Yes, TOH was the RV engine, specifically a modification of the ArmA2 version of it. Notably TOH had render to texture/picture in picture, which ArmA2 lacked.

DayZ didn’t use the ArmA3 engine because it had been developed as a mod for ArmA2 first and when it split off into a standalone title, it had already incorporated some unique features and changes to the engine. Going to ArmA3 would’ve meant redoing a lot of that. For a time, it looked like the features would get ported to ArmA3, but for reasons unknown to me, that got swept by the wayside.


That is eFFing hilarious. That music tho, it brings up something akin to gamer PTSS. I played so damn much OFP back in the day.

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