Steam and parental controls: fly with your kids?

Hey guys, I mentioned a little while ago that I’m building another gaming PC so that I can enjoy some multiplayer flying with one or more of my kids. Initially, that will be in VTOL VR via Steam. The question that I have now is should I add them as family members in Steam Family Sharing, giving them access to my gaming library, or create a separate account? I have no problem purchasing 2 licenses of VTOL VR, but only if that is the best way to do it. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks in advance.

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My eldest is too smart to control his media intake by using parental controls. I have resorted to trust. “This. Not that. It’s for your own good boy.”

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I’m inching toward that conclusion as well, but mine are still looking at us for guidance. While we can…

So tell them “this, not that, for it’s awful and will make you a monster if you look at it for more than ten seconds.”

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I created mine separate Steam accounts. It’s been a while, I remember the sharing was a ball ache and doesn’t allow simultaneous usage. For games we wanted to play together, I waited for Steam sales and bought additional licenses.

Happy times playing the DayZ mod, sneaking around. I couldn’t get them interested in flight sims though.


I would say that two PCs, two steam accounts and two sims is the best easy way to do it.

but we are flight simers, we like to tweak things, dont we? :slight_smile:
well then, saw a solution with one PC with 3 GPUs to run 3 VR headsets at the same time :smile:

search for Linus Tech Tips


Yikes! :grimacing:


one PC with 3 GPUs to run 3 VR headsets

And here I am seriously considering whether it is possible to use two PCs to record the gameplay from a single headset :joy: