Steam Anti-Trust lawsuit

Firstly I dislike Steam greatly but I dislike class action lawyers even more and in my opinion this is just another class action money grab by the lawyers. Even so if it continues to move forward through the US legal system it will still cost Steam some big bucks to defend themselves.


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That’s too bad. Not to be argumentative, since I know very little about the downside of Steam, but from my perspective they’ve enabled hundreds of indie developers to reach consumers they never would have reached before. Maybe that’s naive, but I like having all of my games under one ‘roof’, so to speak.


It’s debatable, there is very little pressure on Steam to keep their cut low.

I like Steam too

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While I agree, this topic is skirting it mate. Especially getting philosphical and casting such a wide net of implications like that.

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Thanks for the fast feedback! I shortened it and reduced the scope.

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Lawyers have too much money to get meaningful reforms passed that would prevent them from getting even more money.

Class action suits are about rewarding the lawyers for punishing the companies without actually helping the so-called “class” that was harmed.

While Valve is no angel, and certainly takes a bigger cut than many believe it has earned, it is arguably less problematic than the vast majority of larger corporations out there. You can spend just as much during a Steam sale today for the same amount of games as you could two years ago.

Try buying the same amount of stuff at the local store today as you did two years ago for the same money. While hundreds of companies have jacked up their prices under the cover of inflation (paying 100% more for a bag of snacks is NOT 8% inflation), Steam hasn’t done that. So while they have their greed, they are not nearly as egregious about it as others have been.

If Valve actually MADE some games nowadays, I’d like them even more. From 2004-2014 their slate was unbeatable. From 2014-2024 I think Alyx has been their only major game and it’s not even usable to those without VR. Textbook definition of resting on your laurels.


True. I think it’s a shame that the incredible talent at Valve seemingly lost their focus and never released a proper HL:3.

Alyx is pretty awesome though. Whatever comes next will be even more so, I think.

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