Steam Autumn/Fall sale

… is live! Hold on to your wallets!


Man alive, the Steam ‘Simulation’ category is a useless mess to find good things with:

Anyway, a couple of good ones if you haven’t got them. Not like the old days though :older_man:

Sort of a VR conversion (hand controllers are best with a mage doing mage things rather than melee):

You get beta updates later on this, but convenient for some I guess:

Plus if you are Steam DCS, the sale is there as well (the ED store sale is live too):

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All Rocket League DLC is 50% off :thinking:

Yeah, Steam keeps recommending me Japanese dating sims as well. I might have clicked on one or two of them, so I guess I made it worse?

And I did buy “Goat Simulator”. But I didn’t buy “Shower with your dad simulator”!

Well… simulation is simulation I guess? :smiley:

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I had to search it on Steam. yep. man, i can’t believe steam allows that stuff.

I’ll say that while most visual novels flow along the lines of smut, there are some very good ones out there that tell remarkably good stories. Keep in mind that plenty of people will call us no-life nerds with our sim pits and desire for realism in our games.

That out of the way, here’s a few of my recommendations:

Steam categorizing / searching / filtering tools are useles mes. I dont know if I realy want to try them again. Not trying will save me lots - time, frustration and last but not least money! :slight_smile:

Just got IL-2 Battle of Kuban. I just love that P-39. Just flew the first career mission escorting A-20s and got 3 air victories. Great fun!


The P-39 was my favourite in IL2! used to take it up Monster383’s server a lot. Once got my weirdest kill ever in it, in the middle of the furball I was diving down and someone who was absolutely ace with a zero shot past in front of me just as I was about to open up with the 36mm cannon, one hit took him right down and we both had an absolute “How the…” moment :smile:

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Four player split screen looks fun…!


My brothers and I used to play that a lot on the Xbox 360 ~ 9 years ago. It was the only racing game with 4-player split screen. We mostly did the “free ride” game mode where you just drive around the landscape and have fun with canyons and trains.

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