Steam Database holds some interesting stuff for DCS


anything on there not mentioned before?

There’s a new item added a couple days ago. And I didn’t know Iwo Jima WAS a thing. I was still at hearsay level. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry. Thread can be deleted if it’s bothersome, no sweat. Just a lazy day at work.

no no need to delete, was just wondering if i may have skimmed over something :slight_smile:

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Iwo Jima was planned by LNS alongside their F-4U :slight_smile:

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I was being honest. Thanks for your concern. :wink:

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It’s still interesting to look at, even for “omissions”

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OoooH mark my words Unkown app 549200 will change the face of the combat sim world forever! LOL

But seriously good post. I like to see whats coming even if its been announced.

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Wow, I didn’t know someone was doing or will be doing a P-47 Thunderbolt. Now that might get me into DCS WW2. :scream:

it’s ED, was actually supposed to originally be the next one to come out, but the spitfire got put ahead unfortunately. Well unfortunate if you like p-47’s more than spitfires

Oh I like Spitfires but I really like P-47s. It was my favorite plane in the old IL-2 1946 Sturmnovik series. I have plenty to fly in DCS. I can wait. :wink:

hopefully without crushing hopes and dreams, I think that the 3 unidentified modules are the P40F, Normandy, and probably something that’s still a little while over the horizon but long anounced such as the Eurofighter, the BO-105, the AV-8B or the Mirage F1.

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Probably a very good call.