Steam Disk Write Error

Happy New Year!

Well mine is starting on a low.

I have gotten my last 4 TB HDD and it is installed.

I keep on getting Disk Write Errors when installing or updating Steam games.

Very annoying!

I am slowly moving through the cure steps mentioned here, but so far nothing is helping:

I have a very hard time believing that it is disk failures. If it was one of them maybe, but it is all 3 new drives.
I think that it is either something in Windows 10 and/or Steam that is screwed up.

Well I cleared the download cache, so now I have to download all the newly bought stuff again.

Boy I hope that the repair library is working.

Well have a Happy New Year!


I managed to get a faulty disk once, then the replacement i got was faulty as well. It’s not that uncommon.

Do some kind of SMART value test and see if you got faulty sectors.


Might also be the controller on the motherboard or even the cabling and seating. Sure does suck, doesn’t it?


I ran into this issue awhile back and the fix for me was re-installing Steam (making sure to delete any leftover files or installing to another drive). If you install your games to the same folder then backup/move the “Common” folder.

This included recreating the manifests etc. on any game install drives by letting the new Steam install create a new Folder structure.

You shouldn’t need to download the games again as long as you save that common folder.

The good news was it wasn’t hardware in my case.



I have made a surface scan with Partition Master Pro on my 1 TB Win 10 system partition and on one of my 4 TB data disks and neither of them had any bad sectors. I am ruling out faulty disks at this point. Close to 11 hours. Blarh!

It does! Very much indeed!
My thinking is that if it was the controller and/or cables, then errors should occur when working with other stuff. It is only happening with Steam downloads.

I think Steam is the problem so now I am moving all of my downloaded games into a backup folder on the tested data disk and then I will uninstall and reinstall Steam.


And I’m up and running again! Wheehaaa!

Some of the old files worked but I did have to download 122 GB. There where no errors whatsoever.

I’m a very happy boy!