Steam Movies

Steam trying to do for movie piracy for what they did for gaming?

Some of them can be rented, while some bought, i.e. here’s a recent release for purchase rather than a 48 hour rental:

A ‘sale’ on movies is here:

Franchise - Lionsgate

Here’s the complete catalogue:

Steam Search

They even feature ‘bundles’ where they include the movie with the game:

Welcome to Steam

I dunno, that’s a tough sell for me, as I usually don’t do rentals and just buy Blurays of things I like that I then rip to Plex. If the bought version is of a high quality then I guess, but it really depends on how open it is to stream to whatever device I like around the house.

Plus, we now live in a world where the classic ‘Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood’ has its own community forum…

It’s been around for some time. Close to a year. I remember a free movie they released there so you can see what its like. The steampage is safe to view but the movie content has some NSFW content.

The new thing is the deal with Lionsgate - everything before it was either free or one-off indie.