Steam Or ED? Serials?

I purchased DCS and a few modules via ED, several years ago, but eventually drifted away from DCS.

Would like to mess with it again, but I think Steam is MUCH more convenient.

Will my DLC serials work on Steam?

I think there used to be a conversion option from one to the other, but I forgot which way.

Hmmmmm… Guess I will try their forums, if I can remember my password to get in there.

You could go from Steam to ED’s standalone system but iirc ED stopped making license keycodes so you cannot do ED → Steam via manual keycode import.

ED’s website shows you can still go from Steam to ED via account linking Steam to DCS.

In the past Steam was the way to go as updating via ED’s updater was terribly slow, but they have since gotten onboard a content-delivery-network (CDN) setup and now it is lightning fast (assuming you have the internet bandwidth) except on release day / release hour of big highly anticipated modules or maps when EVERYONE is updating all at once - even then, it isn’t terribly slow.

Steam doesn’t always get the same sales or early access to stuff on the OpenBeta - sometimes it is delayed. Some sales don’t go to Steam or as steeply as Valve takes like a 30% cut so can’t or won’t offer the same discounts.

You can also get rewards points “ED Miles” buying via ED’s website and use them to further discount future purchases - so it kinda pays off if you buy a lot of stuff.


Thanks a lot for the information!