Steam sale easter 2019

Did anyone else notice that there wasn’t the usual announcement for special offers this week on steam, I did wonder if the Easter sale will kick off on friday

I’m just guessing here, but Steam seems to be in a lot of trouble lately, more and more game publishers/developers are moving away from Steam… and all those older games can usually be bought on GOG for less… just my uneducated option. lol

Maybe why sales are so often or advertised as much lately???

They tend to not announce them until the last minute now.

I don’t recall if there was an Easter sale before. They’ve added in things like Lunar New Year to the point where it must be 2 months of the year where sales are happening.

That’s quite the hyperbole.

Steam/Valve is having some trouble, but they’re not getting the same amount of hate a lot of other stores are getting – outside of GoG. I think they’re pretty safe where they are unless the others start cleaning up their acts.

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There is the midweek madness, ace combat 7, dirt rally 2.0 etc. Didn’t know they actually make announcements of the weekly stuff. Personally it would make sense to me to keep tight lipped about the bigger sales though. The earlier the leak about when it will be the sooner people hold off on purchasing games till the sale happens.

Steam may not be in dire straits at the moment, but I agree that unless they do something to change course, they will be. There is a sea change in digital distribution now and competitors are getting more savvy, with the possible exception of EA, but they were never in contention, anyway. GOG is going to continue to run strong with an extremely loyal fan base. I keep hoping to see more of my favorite 90s flight sims on there, but I’ve not been that fortunate yet.


When Valve opened the idea up, it was a great bargain on the 50/50 split they used to get with retailers. In addition to zero costs for materials being produced and shipped, they kept a greater split.

Then a decade passed and it became obvious that the “new kid” was now the “old guard”. Ubi made Uplay but still sells elsewhere. EA dropped Steam altogether, I don’t think a game they’ve made since 2013 has been on Steam, they’re all Origin only. Bethesda has one that so far has only had the maligned Fallout 76 exclusive, all their other stuff including the upcoming Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein sequel will still be on Steam.

It’s the exact same pattern we saw with movie streaming services. The companies don’t think it will make money, they allow someone else to take all the risk, then once THEY make money they change their tune and in-house it. That’s why Netflix has less and less stuff that they themselves didn’t make, and why you now have CBS All access, and Hulu (co-owned by studios), and Disney + coming, and Amazon which has everything but only a fraction is free with Prime, the rest you must pay to rent or buy.

The sheer complexity of the idea is the only reason streaming music services haven’t all become label-centric too.

Consumers love the idea of one-stop shopping, which is why places like Target and Walmart blew away the smaller specialty stores in many areas. With digital, though, a store for every company can work, unlike brick-and-mortar.

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