Steam sale

Anyone bought anything in the Steam sale?

I think I’m going to pick up the Graviteam Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 Complete Edition and the only Scourge of War: Waterloo DLC I haven’t got, Wavre and perhaps ARMA 3 Helos and Marksmen DLC. I like these sales for mopping up on the DLC I haven’t got lol.

By the way if anyone was wavering over Scourge of War: Waterloo the price it is in the sale is a steal, it’s a fantastic Napoleonic battlefield simulation. Okay, the graphics aren’t Total War level but it stomps all over that series (I love Total War too though) for its simulation. Just a heads up anyway.

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I’m resisting. So far. But it’s pretty difficult.

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ARMA 3 Helos and Marksmen are worth it purely for supporting Bohemia Interactive. Id get the bundle so you get the upcoming tank DLC also.

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Cheers, I’ll have a look at that. Heard the Jets DLC isn’t great?

You will give in…you will give in… :laughing:



LOL! :dizzy_face:


I was tempted by Dirt 4 (I think it’s $17) but I’ve heard the MP has no AI anymore. I really don’t need another solo rally game (I have Dirt Rally already) so without MP races with AI filling out the field, I don’t want it.

I pretty much already have everything else that’s out that I want…I just haven’t gotten to them yet!

No joke, I have games in Steam it says I bought over two YEARS ago I’ve yet to install. I just finished Fallout 4 this week, granted it took over 200 hrs to play the game and all DLC, but I didn’t start it even until all the DLC was out.

So many games, so little time…


Urgh, yeah don’t remind me of all the games I have on Steam that I’ve never installed and even the ones I have I’ve not finished… :open_mouth:

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There are a good number I have never installed because they are “backups”–games I had on CD or some other way that I bought on a cheap Steam sale for under $10 just so the next time I want to play them I can skip the CP hassle with old discs. Things like Tron 2 and STALKER (the first 2).
So while they’ve never been played or installed from Steam, I have played them in the past. As I tend to replay old games years later, this is worthwhile to me.

For example, a couple of years ago I replayed Return to Castle Wolfenstein on Steam. First time there, but probably my 4th time since release in 2001. :slight_smile: Right now I’m replaying Wolfenstein, the 2009 version. I have it on Steam from years ago when it was available…it’s not anymore, so people who don’t already have it can’t get it.


Spacehulk deathwing.


I know that vicious cycle too.

Saddest part for me is I barely have time to play anything but I keep buying hoping that some day…


The jets DLC was pretty cool, but the carrier was free and it was the best part. It’s definitely not a flight sim, but it did add some upgrades that make calling for player controlled air support a little better.

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Darn it, I might be safe. Steam doesn’t manage to connect. Appaerntly servers are hammered! wheew

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GoG is also doing a Year of the Dog sale and they tend to have a lot more indie/classic titles if that’s your thing. They’re also doing flash sales.

I’ll probably wait until the last day to get anything from Steam as that’s how I roll with these sales.

What does have AI in mp these days worth recommending?

Elite Dangerous on sale (Frontier)…