SteamVR No Longer Closes

Since the last update to SteamVR I can no longer get it to close conveniently. Previously, there would be a Steam icon in the tray and by right-clicking and exiting, it would close. That icon is gone. The Steam app in the Oculus library screen has a rotating “loading” icon and no exit promp. Cntl-alt-Del (Task Manager) shows a dozen or more Steam “Helper” entries. The problem with all this is that there is no way to run Oculus VR apps until Steam is closed. The only solution is to restart the PC or wait a few minutes for SteamVR to close on its own. Its just a small irritant but if anyone has a way to make it go away, that would be nice to know. Thanks.

Heh, yeah that’s an irritant. Almost as bad as the oculus store popping up every third minute.

If you close steam, stuck vr portion will also close. Got same issue…

That does’t work for me. Often I never opened Steam in the first place. IL2 opens it solely to draw VR visuals. When I close IL2 there is nothing on the Steam side that is closable.

does steam show up on the hidden icons? Or in the task manager?

Nope. Nothing. Nowhere. That’s a change since the last update. Oculus updated last night. I’ll report back if that solves it.

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Since the latest Oculus update the Steam/SteamVR icon has returned to the tray and is now closeable. Problem solved. Thanks for the suggestions, all!

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