SteamVR Performance Test

Oh dear…

This is true. Plus free health care and, no Trump running for Prime Minister. So I have a lot to be thankful for :smile:

I ran the Steam test last night and I am firmly in the middle of the Ready category. So … there is a decent chance that I may be hitting the refresh button on the 29th looking for a shipping date in mid April?

Someone please smack me in the face. Get these evil commercialism thoughts out of my head. Must resist. Must resist.

What would be a good video card to bring me into the “GREEN”…? Considering my system specs:

Intel i7-4770K @ 3.50 GHz (not overclocked)
NVidia GeForce GTX 760
Half a dozen SSDs

The 970 GTX is what I have and it is in the middle.

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You’d need anything above 9xx series by nvidia

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I’m in the mid-to-upper green with a GTX 970 and an i5

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Looking at this again I think this benchmark does not really look at our CPU overclock apart from the “Frames Tested” part? that’s where an overclock shines.

As far as my score goes … I got 11 because of my GTX Titan X that is an Nvidia 980 based card that is actually very fast, but in pure speed the GTX 980 Ti beats it a little in raw speed, it has onboard 6GB my Titan x has 12 GB, an £800 card and I must be daft, but I pushed the boat out for this one as I do not intend to hardware upgrade again for a while … <— yeah right!

The Intel 5960X Haswell-E is a beast of an eight core CPU (16 with hyperthreading) and its 20MB L2 cache is brutal in flight sims and modern games, it really is, even though the Skylake 6xxx Intel series are released now, even with their increased clock speed does not necessarily mean faster per clock, that has never been the case, and the whole benchmark thing has been all over the place for years with only chosen benchmarks tailored to applications Intel and AMD would publish.

I actually got my 5960X new not long after release for slightly cheaper than my 3960X a year or two before on release … about £800 ish, so a $1000 ish CPU, its a major hobby though and thats how i justify things.

Once Intel go Skylake E I’ll look again but not before.

I think its all about building a good balanced system too, you can have a great CPU and Graphic card but be let down in other area’s as well.

X99 has been a troubled start platform, but it bought in DDR4 4 channel and got USB 3.1 introduced, that .1 increase is a fair performance hike BTW for USB, changed from a very popular Asus X99 Deluxe board to my current MSI board and I could not be happier with my 5960X now … well fed up with Asus, they used to be good for motherboards, but I’d hesitate to buy one again, its all gimmick city and poor support if you are in bad luck to need it … Asus branded soundcards are fine though, probably built in a different factory.


ha ha… with my GTX 550 Ti :joy:

I’m seeing 16 June on Nvidia laptops GPU. Still rumors though