SteamVR Performance Test

A test app that benchmarks your current PC hardware for how well it would do with a Vive VR system.

A 1.9 GB steam download, with a benchmark scene of the Aperture labs bots.

My result:

A wiki of common results:

Time to upgrade I guess! :smile:

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Need an upgrade as well. But I already knew that :grinning:

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Well, one good thing is that this summer is a good time for a GPU upgrade as they launch new things. It’s almost better to step up to a new generation Nvidia/AMD card than have a ‘almost good enough’ one that still has some value and then only gets a marginal upgrade for the same money.

They’re launching the new pascal card this summer? I was going to wait for it to upgrade, but thought it was still a ways off. My first upgrade, this year, will be 32Gb of ram, an external dvd-rom and a new flashdisk. :relaxed:

I saw rumours of June, yes. The first Pascal cards will also have the impact of squeezing the price of the current top-end cards, so hopefully some good deals coming up.

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The real question is am I willing to spend $799 product unseen for the bleeding edge of a technology that has equal chances of fizzling out or antiquating itself as the technology progresses?

@Fridge what is my opinion?


Also, I know ED has made a big push to be compatible with the Rift, have they said anything about the Vive?

It’s working with the Vive, @wagmatt today:

“Although there are improvements we need to make, the Vive is already working in DCS World.”

EDIT: Valve are currently going through the apps in Steam and seeing what works and how stuff can be improved. Internal test app here, which shows a good list of likely SteamVR/Vive titles:


Well, that’s a big potential mark against the Vive removed. :slight_smile:

How do you share that graphic on here, tried mine and would like to share

I hope he has not already forgotten the Oculus Rift check box in DCS 2.0 alpha beta baby stuff :slight_smile:


Yep, the rectangle or window Windows snipping tool - very handy.

Just hit ‘Copy’ when you have something and paste into the Mudspike reply box, it’ll upload and resize/squish it as needed.

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Either this tool is not seeing my overclocked CPU (should be 4.3 GHz), or it somehow got reset to stock - will have to investigate further!

The BIOS had been reset! I wonder how long I’ve been missing out on those precious extra frames in ARMA3 :anguished: The tool still thinks it’s running at 3.5 GHz, but the score went up when I overclocked to 4.3 GHz again.

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Ahh, very handy tool, you learn something new every day, thanks :slight_smile:

This is at stock clock but i can go up to 4GHz with no problems, nothing needs that stress so far though.

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This is my second main rig, it passes too but I know I’d

need a PCI-e USB 3 card, no problem as they are only about £15.

Stock speed again.

Very nice! Well, now we know the score goes up to 11. :smile:


I am in that same middle-ready area with my 970 GTX.

If it was not for the extra $200 in the price of the Vive it would be an impulse by for me on the 29th. I realize that the extra cost comes with extra hardware, and I can see how they need to sell the platform with the controllers in an effort to unify what the developers can do with the system (ala Microsoft Kinect) but I don’t want to use it as a ‘room’ device, I want to use it as a chair device :smile:. Add in that camera and the ability it should have to let me see my keyboard and I am very close to being sold.

However, my dollar currently sucks. $1100 is not what I can pay at the moment, plus shipping, taxes and duties.

Leaving me a little sad.

But maybe that is a good thing as I get to delay my decision until the summer or fall and more talk will come out about the various version 2 devices :smile:

Yeah, but, um - cheap gas?


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