Steel Beasts Pro PE 4.0 is released and awesome

Many updates and upgrades… buy new, or buy a upgrade for 40 bucks.


Release notes:


Oh Dear… (looks nervously at both his Steel Beasts and Dangerous Waters books staring back at him from the shelf…)

Any videos from 4.0?

should be some real soon, just released 3 hrs ago. :wink:

Tell me when they start doing PBR

Can’t wait to see some videos of 4.0. I may just find myself back in the Steel Beasts universe.

Looking through the notes, I guess I will have to wait until 5.0 for the F(capital for @BeachAV8R)-111 :heart_eyes:

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Daskals first look, he makes great vids…

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Does Steelbeast allow multiple players to operate on one tank?

Definitely new to it huh? lol

YES… 1 tank 1 TC, 1 Driver, 1 gunner… or 4 players each with own platoon, or 8 players with a Company each… extremely customizable in the player(s)/tank numbers.

JC___ made one with the new BMP2

Absolutely cool. I just wish, egoistically, it had Arma3 Gfx department. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks great.

How do you drive the tank? What does the drivers position look like? Does it have gears? Is it a steering wheel or half a wheel. Does it have a view slit? Can you drive it in third person? Can I use my wheel?

Guy made sure to show the commander and gunner stations and skipped the driving. It’s just rolling down the street on its own. Every Beasts video I’ve seen I never see anyone driving the things.

because it use to be a boring slit view, nothing else…now some have the view from what I read… you can drive in first person, third (outside) view… or give the tank or platoon commands on the map screen with different kinds of movement commands, so you can either TC or gun, usually gun in SP.

actually, you can play the game fully in map mode, like a strategy game…if you wanted.

Thanks Magnum. As you might have guessed - I want to drive the tank. Don’t get me wrong, I like brewing up T-62’s as much as the next guy. But I find driving the tank and working with another player just as much fun.

I’ve played many an Arma session where I jumped in the driver role even if the gunner was available. If there were two of us I would drive from third person and effectively be the Tank Commander and Driver. But if we had three then I would tell the TC that I wasn’t going to use third person and just drive from the slits. It made it more fun and gave the TC more to do.

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Driving can be great fun in SB. You can drive via the vision slits, or even open the hatch and drive head-out, with the gun above you. Immersive (if exposed). WASD for controls and in multi-crew you can have an experienced real-life tanker giving you orders. Great fun.

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SB 4.0 is a great update. Took it for a decent run last night with BG-ANZAC, and lucky enough to have a couple of beta testers in the group, one of whom loaded up a scenario that testers had been using to test 4.0. We had Leo 2A6, crewable Marders and Luchs.

The 4.0 battlefield is now a more immersive and challenging place. The AI has had some attention, so enemy tanks take much better firing positions and seem to be craftier.

Other highlights for me:

  • The 3D crew look great and respond to player actions and positions (ie they sit high or low depending on what you are doing, and seem to look where you are looking)

  • The new TIS images are great - TIS is now really challenging because of the ghosting, the need to focus the image (Numberpad Delete key) and how the image responds to heat - you can see heat signatures from fired projectiles and burning vehicles can swamp the image, potentially hiding other enemies

  • The new particle system is amazing - from really thick dust and smoke (including different coloured exhaust smoke), to the hit sparks, to great-looking tracer flying overhead, to clods of earth thrown around by impacting artillery. Dust now really matters on the battlefield

  • I dismounted some infantry from my Marder and they immediately took cover in a building! Missile teams need some handling now, because they will likewise hunker down in buildings, so they need stay commands

  • The new sounds make it even more immersive - distant gunfire is particularly good

  • ATGMs are no longer glowing balls of death you can dodge. If you haven’t seen a firing signature you have no warning until they hit you or fly overhead. I was watching a Marder in F8 view when I saw a TOW missile a split second before it hit the vehicle! Similarly, AARs now show sabots and missiles hitting vehicles.

Amazing stuff - most fun I’ve had in SB for ages. It is more demanding on your PC now, but by using Alt-G in the 3D world its easy to back off a few settings (AA, volumetric clouds, HDR etc) to get things smooth again.


Darkness, cold, and snow video:

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Dang…that’s cool. Very moody. And I’m still convinced that SB has some of the beast sound sampling of any sim out there. Really great stuff…

The M60A3 is my new favorite tank… still got to learn it thou… some screens of it:


Your M60 needs a SLEP! It needs “LASERS”…!!

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