Steel Beasts Pro Pe 4.0--Playable Marder!

Well now there is going to be a playable marder. Check this out. Beautifully done model, inside and outside. If you look closely as well you can see other features coming. Beautiful stuff.


That looks very good. Steel beasts is a good sim with excellent tactical gameplay. Good to see the terrain has had some work, in all honesty it needed it. Depending on the price point for 4.0 i may consider getting back into. The tactical gameplay really is that good.

Hey Bogus! Long time no see. Yep, it is a very good sim in terms of tactical game-play and from the looks of the various features they’ve shown it has improved. Going to be a whole new simulation.

I have very fond memories of the Marder, I’ve encountered them numerous times in real life during my owm military service. Cool vehicles!

Im glad to see this really cool apc is getting some love. Cant wait to take it for a spin.

It also has a fitting name. It looks cute, but it can bite like hell. :smiley:

G’day mate ! :laughing: