Steel Division Normandy 44 thread

Ok, so I -really- like this, but I am -really- bad at it. Like, I can beat the very easy ai but I think the easy ai might beat me kind of bad. haha.

I require more people to play with! My ability to focus across large spaces has apparently taken a hit since I don’t play RTS anymore. I used to be pretty decent at starcraft for a noob (didn’t cheese but could still hold my own until I ran into dudes who played all day). Now I am just bad at RTS it seems. Need more practice time. Also understanding of units.

I find myself often wondering where the heck unit x went, only to find he’s either dead or disappeared into some bush I didn’t want him to go to.

But man is this fun!

So many games, so little time!

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Yep, got it and love it… still learning myself… for one at least slow it down, to slow or even bullet time when getting to hectic.

GunDoc from SimHQ did a nice broadcast this AM with it, learned a lot.


I picked it up, its pretty cool, I am not so hot at these games either, but after some practice I can get pretty damn mediocre :slight_smile:

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I’m around for a bit for anyone that wants to play some noob-level steel division.

yay… first major victory (had a minor and a draw (weird since I was over 300 points ahead) in earlier sessions) that round. Managed to beat the very easy ai (ahahaha) by over 1000 pts. If I can reproduce that on another map I might be ready for easy!

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Howdy fellas!

If you guys want to play some MP games just add me on Steam: xigundocix
You can also find me on my Discord - Hearts & Minds


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Changing the AI does not change the way it plays. It is a +plus -minus modifier to how much starting resource the AI receives at the beginning of the game. At “Medium” both teams receive the same amount and from there it is adjusted accordingly. I would suggest to keep your games at “medium” especially if you plan on playing human opponents down the line.


Interesting, I assumed it altered its aggressiveness. I guess it partially does since they’ll have more units available, but definitely interesting that it doesn’t change the algorithms.

Thanks for the info! I’ll add you later, definitely down for learning :slight_smile:

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I finally kicked the very easy skill levels butt, on to easy for me as well :slight_smile:

If you’re around tonight, be happy to have a game or two.

Usually available by 8pm EST.

I’m not sure I am ready for MP, my ego is pretty delicate :smiley:

I have to perfect my button mashing technic :slight_smile:

Coop my friend, against the ai. I’m not crazy!

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That might work, I am on kid duty the next three days though with the wife working, so we could play Roblox lol…


I am around now for anyone interested!

Well, took on medium AI twice. Got beat pretty handily the first time. Got destroyed the second.

Decided to try a 3v3 with all easy AI and we beat the crap out of them. I was kinda the weak link (sigh), but I was still pushed to at least the halfway line (this was conquest mode, I’ve been playing destruction 1v1) most of the time, and when I did get pushed back I was able to push forward again (yay howitzers) and thunderbolts!

Slowly improving I think!

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Super fun game with near_blind and Tyco last night! Thanks guys!