Stellaris Deal

Does have a few giggles innit

and bad ideas waiting to happen

Come on, AAR it!

I’ve watched some reviews and it looks fantastic. Make me broke @Sargoth! :slight_smile:

Might just do that :wink:

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For those of you who played EU IV the comet returns!

You guys are killing me.


Let the urine floooooowwwww… He had his Stellaris prescription filled…! Me, I go to Mexico to get my Stellaris, half price for quadruple the quantity.

Seems good changes are coming in June

Aw man don’t be cracking down on my wargame :sob: A trailer is supposed to grab your attention. Besides the possibility is still there to zoom in and pretend you’re sitting there with the grunts.

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Anyone still playing this? I wouldn’t mind getting a game going with short-ish sessions.

I bought all the DLC so far, but I haven’t managed to get back in to it though. They’ve change a lot since release and (My own personal opinion) not for the better. I just haven’t felt that good exploration vibe and fun I got from first release.

Neither am I sure how middle and end game is, but it was kinda lackluster at release. With that in mind, I’m not to keen on getting back into it.

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I still have it on my Steam wishlist, but I waited with buying since I still don’t have time to really play it.

Also I am still not sure whether I should get Stellaris or Master of Orion…

Expansion incoming

Nice trailer here:

Looking forward to this. The skinny on Paradox games has always been that the release has promise, but the final game with 3 or 4 paid DLCs is where it will really play well.

I want Psionic Carnivorous Lizards. They mentally sooth you into thinking they have your best interests at heart, all the while gnawing on your limbs. Maybe they set up hunting grounds for you in their Dyson spheres, and the whole time you think you are at an amusement park.