A related question: Has anybody ever heard of or played this Stellaris?

On sale at GOG today…space battles look 2D…

I currently have Endless Skies which is 2D but that’s OK as I can get more into the revenue building and ship mods…and if there is a story line. But this looks somewhat better.


I actually got it for free somewhere but I never came around to install it…

Several of us on here have it (paging @near_blind @klarsnow) and really enjoy it.

It’s more of an empire builder and management game than a straight up space battle RTS.

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Created a new topic because it’s a new topic. They are free to create. :slight_smile:

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I’ve watched a few videos. It is basically like Master of Orion or so.
I know that many people were a bit angry at the devs because they changed some big parts of the gameplay with a patch. But new players mostly liked the changes.

No clue how good the game really is.

It’s like civilitazion series in some ways but in space.

I’ve been playing it for a while. @near_blind, @klarsnow, @DeadMeat, @Tankerwade and I had a few multiplayer sessions earlier in its life. I have not given much time to the 2.2 patch yet but it is on my short list to get back to.

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I played the life out of sins of a solar empire but never took the plunge and got this. Might have a look now its on sale!

I played this a lot and enjoyed it. It is indeed a bit of a civ style 4X space game

I am seriously thinking about buying it for xbox one. I have played on PC but I can’t sit at my PC uber long but I can sit in my lazy boy all day!

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I’m thinking about it because I can run it on my MacBook Air…sit anywhere and play.

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