Stingray passes fuel to Super Hornet

Would be a nice DCS mod maybe? :slight_smile:

I’m curious if this is meant to replace people doing buddy or S3 tanking? Is that seen as job that would be good to automate away - not sure if it’s used to train people up or is seen as a bad/dull assignment?


I’ve read lots of stories for tanker aircrews going out of their way to help pilots in wartime - coming into enemy airspace, time their turns to help an aircraft that’s low on fuel, put on all their lights despite enemy presence to help a pilot find them etc. etc.

I know that the idea is that a drone can be in far more dangerous places than a manned tanker but you still wonder if, as a pilot low on fuel over enemy airspace, you’d prefer a living, anticipating, empathetic human in the cockpit of the tanker in case you need to go a bit outside Refuelling Programs 1-4.


Are these drones meant to replace big fuellers? I thought it was more to replace the small tankers like the S-3 that would normally loiter around the carrier during recovery cycles.


My first thought was, “kinda like an ATM, but for fighter gas”.

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