Stormy's pit build

Just curious, is anyone aware of somebody who did an F-35 home build? I’m not talking about viper wing- I drool over that one enough.

I would really like to do a 5th Gen fighter pit. F-35’s are based here at Hill AFB and I just love them (except when they come back from night training at 11PM).

If anyone knows of a good F-35 schematic I could follow, that would be rad.

Many thanks.



Well, it’s been almost a year, but I finally dry fit the avionics into my sim. It’s not an F-35… or anything else specifically… but it’ll do for just about everything I fly on the regular. Still a way to go though. Probably make her flyable by Christmas (I hope).




Winwing mfd’s great bit of kit :+1:

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Sorry that I didn’t see your original post, but these look interesting.

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Absolutely. I was impressed when I bench tested them. I should have purchased the panel mounts though- Instead I just zipped screws in from behind them into the mounting bracket.

I love that F-35, but I don’t have $65k+ to buy one and the Varijo mxr headset I would need. I love their Apache too!

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Testing X-Plane 12. Total pain in the butt, but when it works, its great!


anyone know if you can assign instruments from another jet in helios? i.e. can I put F-16 instruments into a T-45 or some other non official module? FC3 jets?