Stowaway survives London to Holland flight in freezing temperatures

Yikes… It’s amazing the things people can survive.

There has to be an easier way to get into the Netherlands when traveling from the UK! :crazy_face:

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safer, yes. But easier? After Brexit?

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When I come across stories like this, they usually regard people who survived, who seem to usually be young people. My impression is that older folk tend to come to unhappy ends.

I usually wonder about the desperation behind such attempts. Or perhaps the people doing this are simply unaware of the dangers?

In the end I’m shocked that anyone ever survives, assuming that the conditions endured are being portrayed accurately in the news.

I suspect strongly I would have zero chance of living through such an experience.

Am I the only one surprised in the direction of his travel? Not in a racist way of course, just seems a weird way to get to NL when he would of come overland from Africa anyway?
Plus getting into a British International Airport and stowing away is pretty impressive. They won’t let me on site half the time with the right paperwork and a bloody pilots license

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This could cause a bit of a shake up in airport security… If he managed to get all the way through to the baggage loading area undetected… He could have put anything on that plane


It appears he stowed away in Istanbul. He was probably unconscious during the three hours the aircraft was in Stansted.

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Perhaps the aircraft type also is a factor. The A332 has a big space between the MLG’ that is relatively safe to reside in during flight. Perhaps enough residual heat kept him alive in there given that it is surrounded by quite a bit of composite.

Still, damn…


I think a lot of airports should be looking again at security…

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