Strategic Gaming Total Paradigm Shift

Take a good look at this.
No seriously, do it.

I’m not sure it will really manage everything but the outlook is absolutely amazing.

Here some latest news.

The engine is a tad heavy so there’s a free benchmark here:

Testing this tonight. :smiley:


ooh someone decided Eugen systems are a bunch of amateurs making toys for toddlers and started building a real wargame for men.

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Wow! I really hope that project comes together. I really like that style of graphics for something like this too. Sometimes I wish combat flight sims went down the road of abstract graphics to allow for a larger scope and higher unit count. Don’t get me wrong, what DCS is doing is great, but it requires a lot of tricks by the mission designer to create the impression of a full battlefield.

It kind of reminds me of Command Ops but on a vastly larger scale. I don’t know how many times I have thought how great it would be on a true 3d map.

This project looks amazing!

I love the graphics also, but …


Try it for free.

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