Stratojet Flight Controllers now open for business!

Hello Pilots,

Renowned flight-controller manufacturer VKB Industries has a new exclusive North American partner - Stratojet Flight Controllers.

Stratojet will be working closely with VKB to bring its amazing flight-sim controllers to North America and help them develop next generation products. VKB products are known for their quality engineering and craftsmanship and Stratojet can now offer an easier way to obtain VKB products for simmers in North America.

Stratojet is soft-launching its new website and store this week and is now accepting pre-orders of the T-Rudder Pedals Mk.III. There will be limited supply. The Stratojet store will expand and improve over time and we hope to be a destination for all virtual pilots looking for quality controllers and eventually other sim products.

Also like our Facebook page to keep informed about new products being offered and any other worthwhile news!

See you in the virtual skies!


Wow, nice looking pedals. Would be great to see a vid of them in action, if possible.

Are those spring arms on the pedals?


Yes they have an internal set of springs and the action is real smooth unlike some of the plastic competition.


I second this, a video of these in action would be greatly appreciated. Looking good!


Of course, videos and reviews etc. will come in the future. We’re just getting started.


Our shipment of VKB T-Rudder pedals has arrived in port, but they are held up in U.S. Customs for extra scrutiny.

The U.S. government is afraid they will turn all flight-simmers who use them into deadly aces instantly and they say it is not fair to Saitek and Logitech pedal users!! We appreciate your patience as this gets sorted. Will ship as soon as possible.


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A massive LAN party is being held somewhere…

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LOL maybe in a container on the dock.


Attention Pilots!

VKB T-Rudder Pedals Mk.III are IN-STOCK and shipping to U.S. and Canadian addresses! And we’re proud to announce special bundles with either Rise of Flight or Battle of Stalingrad included. These bundles are great bargains. Check em’ out!


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Cool, I am in the market for pedals, looking forward to seeing some reviews and feedback on these…

Do they have toe brakes, didnt see that feature mentioned, but might have missed it?


No this model does not have toe brakes and as we know not all aircraft have toe brakes. They are a different design that is compact, precise and meant to simulate more simplistic controls like those found in light aircraft and helicopters. They of course can be used with any aircraft if you wish.

Reviews will be coming soon I am sure from sites like Mudspike. I have offered them a review sample. Feel free to search for customer comments from those that bought the Mk.I or Mk.II models from Europe.

The Mk.IIIs are similar and better in some regards.

Thanks for your interest.


Thanks for the info, I’ll keep an eye on your guys, for me toe brakes are a must, but will watch and see if you guys come up with anything else, thanks for the reply.

Hi everyone,

A recent Stratojet customer who purchased VKB T-Rudder Pedals has made a short little review on the Battle of Stalingrad forum. Check it out!

On the subject of toe brakes. VKB is working on a virtual toe brake system so you’ll have the option in the future.


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