Strike Fighter 2 - Desert Storm Full Mod!

This is a must to have!!!


That looks awesome! I think I still have most of SF2 stored somewhere round here…:thinking:

Its a blast!!! I’m flying with it now, it is really good and tons of contents.
Also, don’t forget to check the Goodies folder on the iso file :wink:

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Another thread necro - now that the VorpXing of this has turned out to be as hit and miss as my SF2 1965 bombing can be, I’ve started flying it daily as a pancake game and am remembering why I enjoyed it so much.
Just going through my old 4 DL DVDs worth of mods and reinstalling, as well as the ODS 30th Anniversary mod and the free YAP Drugs War RW campaign, which looks great and I can’t wait to get my teeth into. Hey, now I’m gonna have even less time for other stuff! :laughing:

When I was discovering how fantastic VR was in 2016/17 with my Rift CV1 and doing lots of FSX, P3D and EliteD with it, when I had to send my headset off for replacement I tried going back to monitor flying with TrackIR and found I just couldn’t do it - it was like trying to fly through a pillbox slit! Well, now I have no such problems, so all my fave 2D stuff is back on the PC. Hey, who needs sleep anyway?