Strike Fighters Modern Combat

Who said that they [ThirdWire] dont develop for PC anymore? :slight_smile:

Strike Fighters Modern Combat

Dominate the skies! Modern jet fighters flight game for Windows 10!

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At first I was like

but then I saw the announcement and went


Uuurgh, please- kill it with fire.


It only shows that TK can earn more money selling this arcade [email protected] than proper (survey) flight sim.

This genre is really niche.


Nothing wrong with specifically that, everyone’s allowed to make money the way they want- essentially- as long as it’s not stealing or otherwise harmful.

It’s just- have you read the lines of the announcement? It’s TK we’re talking about.
I’m like- really?
If it was any other guy with no past, I’d even be almost fine.

But TK, no-

Pedigree for reference

It’s like Sir Patrick Stewart reminded when he voiced the poop emoji in the Emoji movie - every man has his price.


True. Sad, but true…

My reaction was like @komemiute’s.


This has been around since March, apparently.
Leveraging his mobile work for this, but it’s still nothing more than that was.

A real shame, SF2: NA indicated he was getting there, but then he bailed and 5 years on shows no inclination to return.

I just looked at the SF2 PC forums there and see that it’s been pretty much over a year for most of them since the last posting.
Truly sad.

I like to think TK is holding his nose as he does it.

I know I’ve said it a hundred times, but SF2 with robust MP would still be one of the best and fun sims out there. If only…


I think it might be more of a case of him programming in between massages and petting his tiny giraffe…

Every time we talk about SF I think, why all the negativity? If you really want to play SF, then you will be building a robust game for next to nothing. There are mods galore at Its VERY fun and challenging game that provides an understanding of air to air and a2g combat. It is hard with icons off. NO ITS NOT DCS but it does not try to be. It is however a great entry level sim to modern air combat and its cheap. I even enjoyed a bit of the WW1 stuff but not WW2… I was more into IL2 for that…
TK gave us a great game (sim to some). Lets give up on hoping he is going to out-do ED. Not his niche. I don’t play his games much now, but I better get them polished up because my son is growing. To TK’s credit, he did a great job in keeping the series alive and updated for a decade or more. The community is huge and if you got a PC that is not state of the art, you can still run these games.
TK is just a guy trying to make a living. Who knows, someday I might find myself at the airport killing time by playing one of his mobile games and not taking myself so seriously.




The negativity I read in this instance comes from the promise TK showed in his SF series. It was (is) very good, and had potential to be really great, had he gone for more realism instead of less.
Everybody understands why TK took the «easy money» route by catering to the gamer crowd. There are more gamers than there are flightsimmers, and the demand for realism is less.
But we flightsimmers wish this wasn’t so.

It’s not straight out negativity in as much is actually sadness. Like a runner that never reached its full potential.

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There’s a huge difference between a mobile game with no cockpit views and arcade play style versus a survey sim.

I tend to frame the negativity directed at SF as disappointment more than anything else. Most of the people who were partial to that series saw it’s potential and were disappointed when it didn’t continue. I don’t think that most people think negatively of TK, just disappointed that he didn’t continue to develop it.

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That’s my take on it. The only negativity is the sadness that he is only making very light mobile platform stuff as opposed to the mid-level (and very fun) Strike Fighters for PC stuff. From what I recall with my very shaky memory, it was a time, support, and money decision. And I think TK was a bit tired of the PC combat flight sim community which can be err…a rather combative at times.

SF2 wasn’t perfect - but man it was fun. And still is…and it is only really missing that multiplayer connectivity.


It’s melancholy. Imagine SF:2 NA or one of the many mods with multiplayer, or one of the numerous pet desires of the community. It was a good game, it was on the cusp of being a great one.

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The main issues were in fact limited to somehow aging graphics, lack of MP (in ANY form) and essentially some AI lacking.
All of that was not insurmountable- and in fact a lot of MODS brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people (@PFunk) but I remember too that TK had to stop as ThirdWire was essentially beyond broke.
By a stroke of luck Mobile gaming saved him and his people.

Is this plainly wrong?
Uhm nope.

Is this sad?
Yes. A lot. And I hold part of the gaming community responsible.

It is also my fault I have to say. I started the thread the way (not posting the full description) it generated some hope and expectations in many cases. It is obvious from the number of link clicks vs likes the initial post received. Enough link cliks to receive the ‘Popular Link’ badge :slight_smile:

Truly I had the same hope and expectations for a brief second when I saw it first time my self, so I just wanted you to relive similar feelings :wink: sry guys

The second later, when I realized it is the mobile version ported to W10, I personaly was not really upset or sad or anything. I understand TKs decisions as he clearly expresed them - why he moved to mobile, and also why he never made some solid MP for SF2.
Its not a rocket sience I guess. SF2 series wasnt probably the gold mine as many of us would think. And MP would not changed that I think. Plus the mentioned time, comunity etc.

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But still in corner of my heart there is hope that one day TK will develop the SF3.
Maybe the coming success of CAP2, once fully featured, will be the trigger for him…