Strong europe NATO excercise

One of the first international tank exercises since the early 90’s. Not only was it an exercise, it was also structured as a competition! Platoons of four tanks each could score up to 1000 points for things like accuracy, rapid fire, identifying friend from foe while on the move and even firing their PDW at the shooting range.

7 platoons competed as the US sent 2 platoons to partake.

This video has some footage including NBC equipment and the Personal Defense Weapon shooting range

Italians at work. Some beautiful long ranged shots with tracers on moving targets

I couldn’t find any footage of the other nations that is’nt mostly compiled in the first video.

The results are partly in, though!

Germany took the first place!
Denmark came in second.
Poland conquered the third place.

I can’t find any info on what places the other nations took.


No challengers? Seems like a leopard party!

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