Stuka can take more damage then twin bomber?

Do you guys think the Stuka can take the most damage? I think it takes more of a beating then some twin bombers.

Also in the video below does the machine gun pods do any damage to the naval gun boat? I seemed to hit it a bunch?.

Shooting down an aircraft with machine guns is the same as the 3 most important thing in real estate…Location, Location, Location. :sunglasses:


To expand on Hangar’s point about location, a front engine fighter actually has a decent bit more resistance to damage from directly astern that a multi engine AC does. By the later part of WW2 crew armor was becoming pretty standard. From behind a single engine aircraft, most of the trajectories available are going to impact the crew armor before they hit the engine. Yes you may lose control surfaces, shred control cables etc. but that a while to render an AC unflyable. Even with a hit to the engine, it has to be to the right place to truly kill the engine (or you have to have a decent amount of them).

Also the Spitfire looks to be one of the models with 8 .303 machine guns. It’s basically poking slightly larger than pencil sized holes where it hits. The British found out it wasn’t particularly effective on AC’s superstructure as a ball round doesn’t do much unless it directly intersects with something important. A multiengine AC has the engines out where the vast majority of trajectories can intersect them. As the Luftwaffe found out the hard way, 8 .303 machine guns can quickly shred an engine naccel.

As far as the hits on the torpedo boats what caliber were the wing gun pods? Most combatant craft are going to have hulls and superstructure that is pretty well proof against rifle caliber gun fire.

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I guess the volume of fire is deceptive. I think they only fire rifle caliber. Probably need to use a bomb or cannon at the least

I’d agree. Ships are little different than most land tagerts, and weight is really a non-issue. Now real world even rifle caliber fire can do a LOT of damage to exterior of the superstructure, personnel on deck, etc.

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