Stumped - adding a tailhook to the DCS Su-25T...?

Alright…hear me out. I know the Su-25T is a far cry from the Su-25UTG, but I still want to be able to land the T on the Kuznetsov. So, I followed these instructions, but I still can’t seem to get it to work:

Went into EagleDynamics/DCSWorld/Mods/aircraft/Flaming Cliffs/Input/su-33/keyboard and copied this setting from the default.lua file:

{combos = {{key = ‘G’, reformers = {‘LAlt’}}}, down = iCommandPlaneHook, name = _(‘Tail Hook’), category = _(‘Systems’)},

Pasted it in the:

EagleDynamics/DCS World/Mods/aircraft/Su-25T/input/Su-25T/keyboard default.lau under the “systems” portion:

– Systems
–{combos = {{key = ‘R’, reformers = {‘LCtrl’}}}, down = iCommandPlaneAirRefuel, name = _(‘Refueling Boom’), category = _(‘Systems’)},

{combos = {{key = ‘R’, reformers = {‘LAlt’}}}, down = iCommandPlaneJettisonFuelTanks, name = _(‘Jettison Fuel Tanks’), category = _(‘Systems’)},

{combos = {{key = ‘=’, reformers = {‘RShift’}}}, pressed = iCommandAltimeterPressureIncrease, up = iCommandAltimeterPressureStop, name = _(‘Altimeter Pressure Increase Su-25T’), category = _(‘Systems’)},

{combos = {{key = ‘-’, reformers = {‘RShift’}}}, pressed = iCommandAltimeterPressureDecrease, up = iCommandAltimeterPressureStop, name = _(‘Altimeter Pressure Decrease Su-25T’), category = _(‘Systems’)},

{combos = {{key = ‘G’, reformers = {‘LAlt’}}}, down = iCommandPlaneHook, name = _(‘Tail Hook’), category = _(‘Systems’)},

But to no avail. Tried doing some arrested landings and my plane just rolls over the wires.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

Because the Su-25s both Use an AFM/AFM+, which isnt setup for Carrier Landings, and cant be “easy” modded to do so, as the collision and trap data for the AFMs prolly dont exist in the API or SDKs until F-18C and Su33 PFMs are closer to done.

You can Make Your Own SU-25T without the AFM and it will prolly work,

You might be able to add the Runway Categories to the Su-25TLUA, but I doubt it would work:
LandRWCategories = {
[1] = {Name = “AircraftCarrier”,}, – end of [1]
}, – end of LandRWCategories
TakeOffRWCategories = {[1] = {Name = “AircraftCarrier With Tramplin”, }, – end of [1]
}, – end of TakeOffRWCategories

You might want to check with Tom Weiss on this- I seem to remember the being a mod in FC 1, or maybe just plain old LOMAC, that made more planes carrier capable?

Yeah, I tried those entries Skate, but they didn’t work. I’m content to wait for the Su33 and F/A-18…but man I’d love to fly that Su-25 from the carrier too… :smiley:

Yeah, I think through FC2 it was possible…but as Skate mentioned, I think the advanced flight model might have changed things…

if AFM isnt important, you can declare a New module and leave the AFM DLL off.

Once you’ve gone AFM…you can never go back… LOL…