Su-25 Not in Syria

It has been ages since I’ve flown the plain Su-25 Frogfoot, so I thought I’d fix that.

Here’s a partial and unsuccessful mission snapshot that is in no way from Khmeimim airbase and does not engage ground troops.

The gang rolls out of town, looking for trouble:

…quite a lot of trouble looking at this payload:

But considering my fuel load, hopefully not trouble that is very far away…

Will soon be dark…

Man, this runway seemed shorter than I remembered it.

Some heat haze…

The Friendly Skies

with all sorts of friends today…

Definitely my favorite time of day, with the light like this.

No action today, just procedures having the goal of not dying.

(Sorry about the lack of Control-Y infobar hide on the early ones…)


Very nice looking shots! That’s the S25L missile you got loaded, right? I always really liked how the body spins but it keeps the seekerhead stable. It’s been to long since I stepped inside the Su-25A myself.

You had some very badass CAP that day though :stuck_out_tongue: “Bandit at 165 for 80 at 15000, I’m going in for guns!”

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Indeed - a big ol missile that’s for sure. It’s amazing the A can carry so many.

Ah, yep :slight_smile: When I fly missions I quickly make for myself I like to have a lot of things flying around but wingmen and CAP I mainly just use for situation awareness on radio calls. All the flights in this one got a ‘Jettison All’ call after take-off or no weapons, as it makes the mission seem busy but without them doing all the destroying. A single player cheat, but it works.

The thing I forgot about the ‘A’ is how fast it can be clean - it moves.


Completely agree with you there: the A just feels so much faster and even more nimble than the Tankoviy. She’s been my favourite mud mover ever since she got this flight model.
And then there’s the charm of flying without a HUD and actually having to look at your instruments, the unguided weapons…


Great write up! This is one of my favorite modules to fly in DCS. As Freak said, there is just something about flying without the HUD and having to look down and your instruments.


Yeah…nice report! I need to get in the Flaming Cliffs birds more…there are a ton of missions I haven’t even tried that came with them…


I wonder if they ever gotten around to fixing the “cold war warrior” campaign? I remember it being quite badly broken. Must have been around the same time or actually a bit before Bunyap recorded the campaign and put it on youtube about a year ago that I last tried to play it. There’s also only one singleplayer mission for the Su-25A wich is styled the same way as most of the campaign mission are ircc (Large package forming up for a timed strike on target).

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Not sure if they have, I do know that I’ve lost campaign progress on 3 campaigns now since I started playing the DCS beta versions. I presume it is because they change or update the campaign structure.

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