SU27 Nose wheel steering

Ok this is driving me nuts, I have flown SU25 and SU33 and they both have nose wheel steering, as you will know this is done using Z and X keys. I am now in the SU27 and cant find the steering. It does say in the bindings page that there is a nose wheel “power on” switch, which is Left Alt + Q (havnt seen this before". Anyhow in the bindings page for nose wheel steering there are 4 setting (seems ridiculous to me ), but I have gone through them to no avail. The auto select dosnt work with Z-X either ,suppose this is because the are bound to joystick “slew”. By the way the pedals have like clamps over them, looks like to stop them being used.- Could be me again ,only a relative newbie, anyone have any clues ???. Cheers ---------- Oh and who uses JSGME or OvGME and which one is best (for a newbie).

Yup confirmed this is how it works. If you are in controls and press LAlt+Q it will take you to the bind for toggle NWS, whatever it is called. Toggle means it switches between on and off when you press it, so you don’t have to hold it.

I have it bound to my stick and after pressing it, the nose wheel moves with rudder input. I do use an axis for rudder not the keybinds so try that too. If it works with a rudder axis but not with Z/X keys, it may be a bug

Thanks for that, after your reply I sat one down on the runway and watched the 27 from the front and indeed the NWS works with the Rudder input. Very strange but it works as per spec so I cant complain. Wait a minute yes I can ,I cant use Z or X even when NWS is enabled through L Alt+Q, oh well being a bit petty I suppose. Just hope these aircraft near Ukraine realise this. Speaking of which ,when checking the NWS from the front I just tramped the thrust and the aircraft was all over the place but still managed to take off, theres no way on a really good flight model that this could ever happen, but suppose its still a “game” or is it.

Not petty at all. Please check your controls if Z and X are bound to rudder in the Su-27 and if so, save a track and file a bug report in

I have no idea what you mean but watching from the front and being all over the place with NWS enabled, but still taking off all sounds plausible to me. The Su-27 has a fantastic flight model


So, line yourself with the runway, make sure your wheels are straight (inch forward a couple of meters), TURN OFF NWS and take off. Without NWS you will line yourself with the runway using differential breaking at first, and as airspeed comes alive, rudder.


Problem was solved. The SU27 only has NWS when enabled and it is in tandem with the rudder control ( I have the X56 ) So its the twist on the stick. Very strange as other Ruskies have NWS bound to Z & X (probably by most NATO aircraft as well). Thing is if you want to do it by the book ie Training manual it dosnt mention L Alt + Q , thats why I asked the question ,I increase thrust and expect Z & X to turn me but it dosnt, has to be enabled first and used in conjunction with rudder.