Submitting an article

I would like to know.

If I where to submit an article, how would you prefer to get it?
I would prefer to make it as easy as possible to prepare it for site publishing.

It will contain pictures and i will be writing it in Libre Office.

What fonts to use and if it helps, the different sizes for headlines and soforth.

Anything that you can think of that will ease your workload.

Happy Simming


Office format and JPGs is nice. I have two articles that I will be putting up shortly. The past few weeks has been a bit busy.

Send me a PM if you’d like to submit something and I’d be happy to talk about it…


It will be a while before I have anything.

I am starting with a Steel Beasts Pro PE multiple screens/windows using Actual Window Manager tutorial that will go on and then I will expand that to how to use AWM for changing between multiple screen resolutions and screen layouts with different primary screens.

I am also thinking about doing UCR (Universal Controller Remapper and JoyToKey articles

All garnished with pictures

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