Suncom SFS internals (DIY potential check)

I thought that I would share a brief internals overview of the Suncom Strike Fighter Series Flight Controller I just bought.

Remove the 4 Allen screws, 3 on the front, and the last on the back. (They are Imperial, but a Torx 10 did the trick with some firm pressure).

The biggest surprises for me here was the lower thumb button and the Hat switch. The latter rests on a cradle that comes up through the PCB.

The cradle and Hat assembly bottom.

The long thingie between the red glassy and Hat assembly, is what keeps the trigger in place.

Hat assembly.

Grip top.

Ignore the 8 screws on top of the base, they are a cheat. It is all a single unit.

Bottom plate.
The screws are covered by rubber feet and the threaded holes are for the suction feet.

Remove the 4 screws on the corners, the 2 holding the PCB and leave the center one in.

You can now pull out the gimbal assembly, but be careful, the spring assembly is loose.


Now I got myself another surprise. I was expecting turning pots, but they have used sliders.

Now you can remove the center screw and disassemble the gimbal assembly.

For reassembly I found it somewhat difficult to align the flat side of the swivel thingie, to get it into its hole, but it can be done.

For my project, I’m probably going to keep the base, the grip, the gimbal stem, the plastic parts for the top thumb and pinky buttons and ditch the electronics, gimbal assembly and the rest.

The grip internals will need some rearrangements to.

That’s it from me now.

Happy Simming.