Super Bowl prediction thread

ESPN has their predictor as 55% likely that the Patriots will win. There is at least one guy who disagrees.


Patriots 33
Falcons 31

Oh…a nail-biter with disappointment at the end for the Falcons!

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Not if they bet on themselves with the spread :grinning: Falcons+3

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The Falcons put up 44 on Green Bay and would have put 45 on Seattle had not Matt Ryan decided to take 3 knees when they had a first and goal on the Seahawks’ 2 yd. line. Since the Pats have a good defense, I say 38 points for the Falcons. GB scored 21 and Seattle 20, so I’ll give the Pats 28.

Atlanta 38
New England 28

Alright Pete Rose…I’ll give you that…

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Hmm…so much for a shootout from the start!

It sure started defense heavy. But I expected that.

<yes, it is a complete sentence>

Now the game is picking up speed it seems.
No decision of course against the Patriots. But some nice plays already!

ATL defense is really doing well. Even with the two pass interference calls…which were OK… Brady does not look comfortable. As I type it…3rd def hold on this series…dang…

Holy $@#%@!!!

Wow. What a play…crucial to kill any NE momentum…

First I thought the Falcons defense screwed up the drive and the Pats would get at least 3 points. But then this!! Wow!!!

Don’t forget, that Falcons coach was Seattle’s Defense Coordinator. That shows right now I think.

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Is the ball too full of air?

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Smaller balls.

3 score game is good, but not insurmountable for Brady and co. But very happy with the first half so far.

Brady’s tears are so satisfying.

Yeah man…that was a good hold to only 3 points there at the end. Enjoy the half…!