Super Hornet Crash in FL

Never good reading about these mishaps.


EDIT: I can’t read the first sentence. RIP

@boomerang10, how about a check in good buddy?

Can’t imagine it was him. Boomerang flies the E, and to my best knowledge isn’t in that part of the globe atm.

From updates it actually seems both crewmembers didn’t make it.
My deepest condolences…

RiP. Despite regulations, very fine equipment and training, aviation still is a dangerous pursuit. At least they went out doing what they loved.


So true. I think we get so caught up in the glamour of flight that we sometimes forget things can go wrong. I just found out, in the news, that the pilots did eject but did not survive. Sad times…


Barring some SF-style invention bordering on magic, these sorts of mishaps can never be totally eliminated. All they can do is investigate and hope to prevent a repeat of whatever particular failure happened.


I read an unconfirmed eye witness report that made it sound like an engine failure of some type. Popping, explosion-type sounds, flames from one engine, followed by a severe yaw/roll and the plane dropping into the water during approach to the runway.
Both ejected but neither survived for reasons not yet revealed.

Unknown right now, but based on the description it sounds like they ejected with too high a sink rate. There are some regimes where even the best ejection seat can’t save you and short final with an engine failure and any kind of delay on the ejection can be one of them.


S! and a Nickel on the grass.