Supercarrier - can't launch Hornet

All is normal until director calls for full power: Using WartHog throttle I don’t know if I’m gettimg afterburner and I never get the launch command. Suggestions?


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Once full throttle, you need to salute,

It think its Comms menus, Ground crew and then salute,

backslash, F8, F7 that maybe the right order.

Once you got full burner salute and sit back.


There’s also keybinds for “Pilot Salute” and “Hornet ball” which you can bind to spare buttons on the HOTAS (it really helps, particularly for the Ball Call). I used to bind “Pilot Salute” to the spacebar, since I didn’t like the default bind for that (HOTAS trigger IIRC?), and “Hornet Ball” is a button on the stick …


well if your WoW and master arm off, trigger and weapon release wouldnt do anything…

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Actually, that’s true! :joy:

I just mounted a micro button to the index finger of my glove, so when I salute and smack my fore head or VR headset it triggers the launch.

Honestly since I fly 99% of the time in VR, I may move said button to the front of the VR Headset.


That’s brilliant! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve toyed with adding a small button box to the headset for NVG, Visor, and maybe salute, but ultimately took the easy route and use Vaicom/VoiceAttack.