Supercritical Simulation Group(SSG) Up and Coming Content For X-Plane

Coming Soon

They look as if they are happy with their current release of their 747-8. Available HERE

They have started work on advancing or reworking their E jet series. First up is the E-170. I have both the E-170 and E-190. Good planes but more on the basic side of things. FMC is default but the start up is there. Anyway this is a welcome addition if you ask me.

Quick video showing of some new stuff for the 170

Also a cold start video with the new 170.

Then some other cool news from them. They are working on a CRJ-700. Which sounds like it will lead to a 900 and even a 1000.

Good stuff


And they have released the E-170 to the .org store.

$50 but if you own the previous version or even the E-190 version you can get $10 off.

I plan on buying it and using it for my Rio trip instead of my planned 727.

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That’s awesome…and a great idea. I already have DanKlaue’s Embraer 140…but it is a pretty rough interpretation of the E145. I’m guessing these newer offerings are much more detailed. Hmm…I’ve got sooooo many airplanes in my X-Plane hangar right now that I don’t know if I can squeeze another in there…LOL…

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Maybe I just need a bigger hangar…

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That seems like the best option.

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