Surviving Enigma's Cold War Server - A Cinematic Mission

Hey guys! I wanted to share a sortie I had on Enigma’s Cold War server the other day that kept my heart pumping from the moment I entered the AO. I’ve found, since the Community A-4E was added, this server organically creates an insane amount of cinematic events, and moments in general that leave me feeling elated, frustrated, panicked, and satisfied.

The server had just restarted and I jumped into an open A-4E slot down in Mezzeh airfield. The plan was to fly an air interdiction mission along the south eastern edge of sector 5-13, looking for any targets of opportunity. As you can see, I am carrying the basic air interdiction loadout I suggested in my multiplayer loadouts video, however as suggested by one of my viewers, I’ve put the Mk83s on the center station rather than the wings, to help with any asymmetric wing loading once I drop the first bomb. I talk about my thoughts on that at the end of the video, but the short answer is: Don’t.

I hope you enjoy and I welcome any and all feedback!


The graphics are so well done that for the most part I felt I was watching a video from an actual battle on YouTube @Sport.


That was awesome! Really well done and fun to watch, thanks for sharing.

I went up on Enigma last night, in the MiG-19. Damn, it was fun. But left after a bit, because it ended up being more air quake. Flew mostly solo, because there wasn’t any coordination. I’d literally see a F1 fly over me, but not join or talk on the radios. Thanks I had some good GCI and got some kills.
Sweet vid!

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